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What is an e-cloth? ® Why you need to find out more!!
End your dependence on harmful household chemicals!

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Great addition to the kitchen.  If you love our t-towels, you will love this addition to the kitchen.

Note:  one of the only bleachable ecloth products!

Deep Clean Mop

Mopping floors has become fun... (no, really!)...


Stainless Steel Pack

Stainless appliances used to be an oxymoron!!!......

Real Simple Set by ecloth®

Great Savings Together.  Real Simple.

Was: $111.91
Now: $79.99
Cleaning and Drying Towel - ePet® by eCloth®

Absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional towel and dries 4 times more quickly.


Scrub your non-stick (and all other) surfaces without scratching!

e-auto Car Cleaning Kit

It's time for a car spa...


Scrape and scour your pots, pans, veggies, - no scratches (tough, but gentle at the same time!)



This wand reaches everywhere!

This item is out of stock
Universal Stone & Ecloth Set

An unbeatable team!
Natural, non-toxic!


Exfoliating Body Mitt - eBody® by eCloth®

Stimulates and tones the skin...


Range & Stovetop Pack

Stovetop not getting clean?  Before you purchase those harsh chemicals....

Washing Up Pad

Scrub your non-stick (and all other) surfaces without scratching!

Floor Cleaning Set by ecloth®

Hit the Floor!  ecloth ® style

Was: $81.96
Now: $59.99
Basic Cleaning Set by ecloth®

Savings - Basic.  Basically awesome.

Was: $91.93
Now: $69.99
ecloth Home Cleaning Set

Awesome savings on the ultimate Sampler pack!!!

Was: $63.92
Now: $39.99

Let's get started with e-cloth!...
Awesome price!


Aquarium Cleaning Pack

A two cloth pack designed especially for your acquarium...



** Free shipping available on all orders to the US, (excluding Alaska, Hawaii)
Low flat rate shipping to Canada **


Your Alternative to Norwex (and Enjo, and Blue Wonder, and....)


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 because we believe environmental choices should be every day choices.
 because we know that every day cleaning should be safe, easy, and affordable,
NOT harmful, toxic, or expensive.
 because e-cloth ® is every day, safe, easy, and affordable.
Find out
and let
help you continue, or get you started on
your environmental cleaning future!
e-cloth's ® main competitor is Norwex, who provide similar high quality
microfiber products, but have high prices to fund their multi-level-marketing
(MLM) network. e-cloth ® sells via retail outlets and online retailers. If you
love Norwex, but don’t like high prices, you now have your alternative!!