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What is an e-cloth? ® Why you need to find out more!!
End your dependence on harmful household chemicals!

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Scrape and scour your pots, pans, veggies, - no scratches (tough, but gentle at the same time!)



This wand reaches everywhere!

This item is out of stock
ecloth Home Cleaning Set

Awesome savings on the ultimate Sampler pack!!!

Was: $63.92
Now: $39.99
Aquarium Cleaning Pack

A two cloth pack designed especially for your acquarium...


Exfoliating Body Mitt - eBody® by eCloth®

Stimulates and tones the skin...



Let's get started with e-cloth!...
Awesome price!


Universal Stone & Ecloth Set

An unbeatable team!
Natural, non-toxic!


e-auto Car Cleaning Kit

It's time for a car spa...

Stainless Steel Pack

Stainless appliances used to be an oxymoron!!!......


Great addition to the kitchen.  If you love our t-towels, you will love this addition to the kitchen.

Note:  one of the only bleachable ecloth products!

Washing Up Pad

Scrub your non-stick (and all other) surfaces without scratching!

Cleaning and Drying Towel - ePet® by eCloth®

Absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional towel and dries 4 times more quickly.

Basic Cleaning Set by ecloth®

Savings - Basic.  Basically awesome.

Was: $91.93
Now: $69.99
Range & Stovetop Pack

Stovetop not getting clean?  Before you purchase those harsh chemicals....


Scrub your non-stick (and all other) surfaces without scratching!

Real Simple Set by ecloth®

Great Savings Together.  Real Simple.

Was: $111.91
Now: $79.99
Deep Clean Mop

Mopping floors has become fun... (no, really!)...


Floor Cleaning Set by ecloth®

Hit the Floor!  ecloth ® style

Was: $81.96
Now: $59.99

** Free shipping available on all orders to the US, (excluding Alaska, Hawaii)
Low flat rate shipping to Canada **


Your Alternative to Norwex (and Enjo, and Blue Wonder, and....)


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 because we believe environmental choices should be every day choices.
 because we know that every day cleaning should be safe, easy, and affordable,
NOT harmful, toxic, or expensive.
 because e-cloth ® is every day, safe, easy, and affordable.
Find out
and let
help you continue, or get you started on
your environmental cleaning future!
e-cloth's ® main competitor is Norwex, who provide similar high quality
microfiber products, but have high prices to fund their multi-level-marketing
(MLM) network. e-cloth ® sells via retail outlets and online retailers. If you
love Norwex, but don’t like high prices, you now have your alternative!!