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Microfiber cloths and environmental cleaners are available via three main methods:

  1. traditional stores,
  2. through home party networks, and
  3. through through online sales


Traditional stores are looking for the repeat sale.  They would like to see you back soon, preferably before 3-6 months to repeat your purchase.  Environmental sprays and cleaners fall into this category.  While striving to be environmentally friendly, they are still distributing a product that really is not needed in every day home cleaning.  They make their money by having you repeat your purchase.  Alternatively, store-based microfiber cloths are low quality and will find you replacing their product within the year.


Home party networks (like the one I used to be affiliated with), distribute their product in a fun and interactive environment coupled with the high pressure (stated or implied) to support their friend and purchase products.  These products are high priced in order to fund a) hostess perks, discounts and benefits, b) the company's leader commissions and upline, and c) maintaining a healthy commission by pushing 'home based business opportunity'.  Fun times + hostess perks + funding 'upline' commissions + attractive markup for home business = Expensive product for you...


Online sales cut out as many middle men as possible, giving you a competitive price, manufacturer guarantee, and an environmentally friendly method of obtaining your product.  No store overhead to pay, with a knowledgeable product representative at your fingertips.  Stores don't want to carry the quality product we provide as it doesn't have the repeat sales.   In an increasingly on-line world, it's nice to know that we are working for your benefit!  Online sales = convenience, quality, eco-friendly, and affordability!!!


Believe it!  Below are links to three other major distributors of environmental cleaning products.  Do the following:

  1. Compare products.  You'll find e-cloth ® to be superior in manufacture, quality, and warranty.
  2. Compare prices.  e-cloth ® has fantastic prices, hands down.  (and our sales are real sales!!!) Don't fall for the meager savings some are offering!!!
  3. Compare methods.  Are they looking for you to subscribe to a monthly plan that adds up and adds up and adds up, or looking primarily for you to join their ever growing sales force?  Don't fall for pricing that will break your bank!
  4. Come back to the e-cloth ® guy.  It's time you treated yourself to environmental cleaning that is safe, easy, and affordable.


Links to competitors?  You bet!  We're confident you'll be back!!!  (If you really don't want to browse around, I've included the price of each company's main cleaning cloth (of comparable or lower quality) on the right)


Cleaning Business Cloth Price*
e-cloth ®  $9.98
Norwex (MLM) $16.99
Enjo (MLM) $30
Blue Wonder $20

*Verified March, 2012 - contact me for updates.

Stop paying too much or purchasing low quality.
Start with ecloth.

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